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Architectural layouts and models of complexes

The mock-up workshop of the OMI studio is engaged in the production of architectural mock-ups of models of residential complexes. Recently, construction companies have preferred to immediately build residential complexes, with their own infrastructure, heating system, communications, parking, playgrounds, etc.

Architectural layouts and models of complexes

You could say they are building a mini-city in a metropolis. Accordingly, before investing money in such a large-scale construction, it is advisable to order an architectural model of a residential complex for visualization from design and layout professionals - the OMI company’s mock-up workshop. First of all, the customer is required to set deadlines for the production of the order and provide technical specifications. Based on the latter, we prepare several versions of estimates, the final amount of which depends on the detail of the future layout.

Architectural layouts and models of complexes

Prices for the production of architectural layouts and models of residential complexes in the OMI company are formed based on their complexity, accuracy and order volume. Our professionals work out the layout literally before “planting” the bushes. Customers come to us from all cities of Ukraine where major construction is underway, and from the CIS countries. Recently, requests from construction organizations of the European Union have become more frequent.

Layout workshop

Architectural layouts and models of residential buildings
Architectural layouts and models of complexes
Architectural layouts and models of industrial enterprises
Architectural layouts and models of factories
Architectural layouts and models of cottages
Architectural models and models of cottage settlements
Architectural layouts and interior models
Town planning layouts and models
Training mockups for students
Landscape mockups
Advertising layouts
Layouts of architectural structures and details
Development and creation of project documentation
Creating computer visualization
Creating videos

Production of models of architectural complexes.

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