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Photo zones

Due to the growing popularity of social networks and the desire of people to share their impressions of visiting certain places with their friends, creating interesting areas for photography is becoming increasingly important. The masters of the OMI studio create custom photo zones.


When working with a client, we first of all determine the goal that the customer pursues when creating a photo zone and the timing of its use. This determines what materials will be used in production, their quantity and, accordingly, the price of creating a photo zone. Short-term photo zones are based on pressed cardboard, polystyrene foam, plasterboard and other short-lived materials; if long-term use is required, all derivatives of wood, plastic, plexiglass, and metal are used.

Among our main customers are specialized structures of local government, private and public companies, Event and advertising agencies, and individuals. We create and design photo zones for festive events, parties, exhibitions, and for placement in shopping and entertainment centers and shops.

The OMI studio has acquired vast experience in creating branded photo zones for promoting companies - unobtrusive advertising on a structure that is attractive for selfies/photos will provide an opportunity to increase brand awareness of your company and spread it through so-called viral advertising on social networks.

OMI studio has representative offices in Kyiv, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk. We accept orders from all over Ukraine, European and CIS countries. We work individually with each client. There are no impossible tasks for us.


Custom photo zones. Making a photo zone from the masters of the OMI studio

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