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Hot enamel

Hot enamel is a glassy coating obtained as a result of high-temperature treatment. But do not confuse enamel coating with an enamel pan, although the application technologies are essentially similar. Due to its properties, appearance, and variety of color palette, enameling is one of the popular types of decorative and applied art. The masters of the OMI studio create unique masterpieces of art, jewelry and applied art from enamel. The work is based on ceramic enamel applied to a metal surface. It is called hot because it is when exposed to high temperatures (from 600 to 800 degrees) that the enamel melts and turns from powdery to glassy, ​​evenly covering the metal base.

The variety of dyes allows the masters of the OMI studio to literally create paintings using enamel as paints. It is precisely because of their individual external properties, brilliance, and complexity of execution that enamel works of art are highly valued and attract increased attention. You can be sure that a picture painted with enamel in the workshop of the OMI studio will become one of the main decorations of your interior and will definitely attract the attention of guests. In addition, our specialists use hot enamel to decorate dishes, furniture elements, mirror frames, jewelry, etc.

The masters of the OMI studio can provide the customer with ready-made ideas or produce a masterpiece based on the client’s wishes. Our works are presented in Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe. Prices for hot enamel depend on the volume and complexity of the work.


Small plastic
Layers (tiles)
Decorative panel
Hot enamel


Examples of works by world masters that you can order from the OMI studio.

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