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Polygonal sculptures

Masters of the OMI studio engaged in the production of polygonal sculptures to order. The name itself contains the essence of this relatively new type of art - it is a sculpture, like a diamond, consisting of many facets. The more polygons (faces) a sculpture has, the more realistic it is. The progenitor of polygonal sculpture can be called origami.

Polygonal sculptures

Thinking about creating a new image for their office or cafe, more and more modern entrepreneurs are using polygonal sculptures to decorate their walls, which are like a continuation of the plane: a polygonal man emerging from the wall, emerging polygonal fish, blooming polygonal  flowers and so on. Such images look especially impressive in white with the use of multi-colored lighting.

The main specialization of the OMI studio is - development and production of individual polygonal figures. Polygonal animal sculptures have gained particular popularity in Ukraine. If the client has not yet decided on an image, we can offer to buy a polygonal sculpture presented in the company’s catalog.   As for the material, depending on the purpose and preference of the customer, the masters of the OMI studio will they make polygonal sculptures from plastic, polygonal sculptures from wood, polygonal sculptures from  paper.

Polygonal sculptures

We work with customers from all over Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe. The main office of the studio "OMI" and production facilities are located in Kyiv. The price of a polygonal sculpture depends on the material, volume and complexity of the work. The cost of delivery, installation of the polygonal sculpture, as well as its lighting, are calculated separately.

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Custom polygonal sculptures. Making polygonal sculptures

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