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Making decorations

OMI Studio is a union of some of the best masters of art in creating scenery. Thanks to the fact that our studio employs sculptors, artists, computer designers, prop makers, decorators, and architects, we can create decorations of any complexity, manufacturing decorations with elements from any material.


Decorations have a very large list of uses - interior decoration, creating a certain environment in a space for photos, video shooting, quest rooms, and creating the illusion of a certain place and time on stage for events etc. The OMI studio has everything for creating and producing scenery for any of the above types of scenery: experience, desire, capabilities, materials, creative thinking and the ability to listen and hear the customer.

Making scenery

The OMI studio is engaged in both the production of decorations according to its own sketch, having heard the wishes of the customer, and works with ready-made materials. We create prefabricated scenery, stationary scenery, volumetric and flat scenery, soft scenery, as well as individual elements of scenery, quest room scenery, theater scenery, stage scenery, movie scenery, stage scenery, photo zone scenery, photo shoot decor . There are no difficult tasks for us; for us, making them is an opportunity to use creative thinking and teamwork. Our own workshops allow us to meet deadlines, and well-developed transport communications make it possible to quickly deliver the order to the location specified by the client. Prices are determined based on the complexity and volume of the order, but remain one of the lowest in Ukraine. We work throughout Ukraine and the countries of the former CIS.


Decoration. Production of custom-made decorations in Ukraine. Production of theatrical scenery

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