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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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Sculpture restoration

Restoration of paintings

Restoration of ceramic products

The masters of the OMI studio, thanks to their accumulated experience, careful attitude towards cultural objects, timely work and honesty, have earned a reputation as reliable and responsible restorers. Our team employs highly qualified sculptors, architects and prop makers who will restore any sculpture, monument, bust, tombstone, panel, stucco on a building, fountain, dummy, decoration, props, voluminous advertising, etc. as accurately and as quickly as possible. In general, everything that we know how to do, we can restore.


Everything flows, everything changes. But the values ​​that have historical, architectural and artistic significance remain invariably eternal. However, no matter how carefully we treat them, they tend to collapse. And therefore they require periodic restoration.


Our artists know what to do if the paint on a painting or icon has faded or peeled off. We receive orders for the restoration of paintings and icons not only from individuals, but also from museums and exhibition centers. We restore paintings painted not only on canvas, but also on any surface - wall, ceiling, fence, etc. The jeweler's precision of the OMI studio restorers allows us to achieve maximum similarity even in the smallest details.

Our youth allows us to be mobile - if necessary, we are ready to travel to any point in Ukraine to carry out restoration work on site. We work for both cash and non-cash payments.


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