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Gilding and patinas with gold leaf

Gold has attracted people since ancient times. It has long been a sign of wealth and luxury, associated with prosperity and comfort. The masters of the OMI studio professionally engage in gilding of interior items, furniture, stucco moldings, walls, arches. Most often in our work we use very thin gold foil - gold leaf. We deal with gilding of both miniature parts and large surfaces in the interior. Applying gold leaf to any surface requires great skill and professionalism.

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By using different gilding techniques, you can achieve different effects and shades of gold. The masters of the OMI studio will also help to “age” objects and interior decoration, using such a technique as patination. The use of patina allows you to add nobleness and mystery to any surface.

Gold also looks great in modern interiors designed in hi-tech style. Most often we are ordered to apply gilding to columns, niches, gilding of baguettes, sculptures, and figurines. In addition to professionalism, the masters of the OMI studio have creative thinking, a great desire to understand the client and the ability to create from scratch. Namely, you can order the development of computer visualization of the future interior of the premises from the OMI studio. Then, the production of interior elements - panels, stucco moldings, arches, columns, sculptures. And finally - wall painting, including gilding or silvering.

Gilding is the individuality of your interior, which, due to its high cost, not everyone can afford. Therefore, having decided to take this step, we do not recommend saving. Contact the professionals - the masters of the OMI studio. Even if what we initially plan is not affordable, we will offer you options to reduce the cost of the project. We work with customers from all over Ukraine and European countries.


Gilding and patina to order.

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