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Outdoor advertising made of foam plastic

Production of three-dimensional outdoor advertising from foam plastic. The masters of the OMI studio will produce custom-made outdoor advertising from foam plastic.

Foam foam has found wide application for the manufacture of outdoor advertising due to its unique properties: it is light-weight, moisture-resistant, easy to process and inexpensive. In addition, products made from foam plastic are perfectly repairable. The masters of the OMI studio make three-dimensional letters and inscriptions from foam plastic, three-dimensional advertising figures from foam plastic; due to their lightness, they are perfect for making giant advertising objects for placement on the roofs of buildings.

Outdoor advertising made of foam plastic lends itself perfectly to painting; a thin coating of the corresponding metal in the form of paint allows you to create appropriate imitations.

The price of outdoor advertising made of foam plastic depends on the complexity and volume of work, but it will definitely be cheaper than identical objects made from other materials.

The main production facilities of the OMI studio are located in Kyiv, where, among other things, a plotter for cutting foam plastic is installed. We have representative offices in many cities of our country and a representative in China. We work with customers from all over Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe. We work with advertising agencies.

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