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Public organization "OMI"

«OMIU» is an all-Ukrainian organization. Anyone whose views coincide with ours can join the activities of the Association of Masters of Arts of Ukraine. To do this, it is not necessary to have a special education. If you are a creative person and would like to support art in Ukraine, develop, communicate with like-minded people, join us. After all, anything can only be achieved together.


PUBLIC ORGANIZATION "UNION OF ART MASTERS OF UKRAINE" (hereinafter referred to as the Association) was created by the decision of the General Meeting of the founders of the association in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine " ;On public associations and other legislative acts of Ukraine and registered by the Department of State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs of the Shevchenko District Registration Service of the Main Department of Justice in the city of Kiev dated October 23, 2014 under No. 1 074 102 0000 051408. The Association is a voluntary public association based on individual and collective membership, created on the basis of unity of interests for the joint implementation of the goals of the association, defined by this charter.

The association was created and operates on the basis of voluntariness, equality of its members, self-government, legality and transparency. The association is free to choose the directions of its activities.

The association was created for an indefinite period. Full name of the association: in Ukrainian - GROMAD ORGANIZATION "ABOUT" IDNANNYA MASTRIV MISTESTVA OF UKRAINE; in Russian – CIVIL ORGANIZATION "UNION OF ART MASTERS OF UKRAINE".

 Abbreviated name: in Ukrainian – GO "OMMU", in Russian – GO "OMIU".


The main goal of the association is to ensure the identification, comprehensive disclosure and development of the abilities of all members of the association, search for gifted youth, promote the development of all types and genres of fine arts, architecture, painting, graphics, sculpture, graphic design and posters, design and decoration, monumental and decorative arts, decorative and applied arts, photography, theater, film and television artists, art history both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, enriching the culture of the Ukrainian people.

To achieve this goal, the association sets itself the following tasks:

  1. Organizationally unite the members of theassociation, create a material and technical base for the creative and socio-cultural activities of the members ofthe association and its organizations
  2. In cooperation with other masters and their associations, create (open) in the manner prescribed by law museums, specialized art schools, correspondence (stationary) courses, assortment and methodological rooms, workshops, art propaganda centers, organize auctions (including including charitable) and other measures to provide financial support for children's art centers, young artists and their associations.
  3. Promote research activities of organizations, institutions, institutions and individual artists in the field of art.
  4. Search and identify like-minded people from the circle of the active part of the population who have a goal of activity related to the association for joint cooperation to achieve this goal.
  5. Organize and conduct exhibitions of works of art masters, art festivals, competitions, scientific and methodological creative conferences, seminars, and other mass public events, including educational ones, etc.
  6. Promote the activities of film, television and video studios that produce films, videos and television programs on art and the creative activities of artists, including members of the association.
  7. Publish periodicals (magazines, newspapers and other printed media) in the prescribed manner; create websites and online publications

To achieve its objectives, the association carries out the following activities: - promotes the professional and moral development of creative youth, the work of public and private art educational institutions, and the activities of other public organizationsnizations of artists, training of children and youth by experienced art masters; - promotes the revival and development of centers of traditional folk art of the peoples living on the territory of Ukraine; - establishes and develops connections with foreign public and government organizations and institutions on issues within the competence of the association; -identifies and sends its representatives to other countries to conduct joint cultural events (exhibitions, folk art festivals, fairs, auctions, etc.).


Membership in the association is individual. Members of a public organization can be individuals over 18 years of age and legal entities (public associations). Individual members of the association may be citizens of Ukraine who fulfill the requirements of the association’s Charter and participate in its activities. By decision of the Council of the Association, members of the association may also include other citizens of other countries and nationalities, as well as labor collectives of enterprises, institutions, organizations. 

The decision on admission to membership of the association is made by the Council of the association, within a month from the date the citizen submits a personal written application addressed to the Chairman of the association about the desire to become a member of the association.

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