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The team of masters of the OMI studio is engaged not only in landscape design, we also implement our projects. If your garden plot is located on a slope, then you can use this feature to your advantage and improve the appearance of the plot. One such solution could be a staircase. It will give a special charm to the site. Depending on the style of the plot and the budget allocated for construction, the masters of the OMI studio will offer you various options for the design of stairs. The material from which the stairs are made must be resistant to long-term use in environmental conditions: treated wood, concrete, marble, etc. First you need to calculate the number and width of steps. Wide and not steep stairs are more attractive, safe and comfortable. It should be taken into account that on average the height of the steps should be 20 centimeters. If the steepness of the staircase steps is great, then do not forget about making handrails. If there is no need for railings, the masters of the OMI studio will select a floral design for the staircase, which will also highlight and decorate your area.

Having worked with customers for several years now, we can say with confidence that a staircase on a personal plot is beautiful, convenient, useful and functional. By contacting the OMI studio, you will receive high-quality work in a short time at low prices: from forging to modeling. There are no impossible tasks for us. Creativity, creative thinking, teamwork, the desire to work and earn money allow us to add individuality and uniqueness to each of our projects. We are not stopped by state borders; we work with customers from all over the world.


Rock gardens
Ponds, streams
Retaining walls


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The sculpture workshop of the OMI studio sells a finished antique sculpture of Venus, 2.5 meters in size, made of plaster. priced at $5000 Handmade....


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