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Retail store equipment

Any trading activity, even if it concerns the sale of services, begins with a high-quality presentation of your product. A huge role in this is played by a specially equipped place in which all the details are taken into account - lighting, accessibility, systematization, a comprehensive overview of products and other components. The masters of the OMI studio make custom-made commercial equipment. Depending on the purpose, we can offer the client various equipment options - pos materials, sales counters, cash registers, showcases, shelving, plastic displays, exhibition stands, etc.

Commercial equipment

The masters of the OMI studio have accumulated extensive experience working with materials such as glass, plexiglass, various types of plastic, aluminum, metal alloys, wood and its derivatives. We manufacture both standard commercial equipment according to ready-made drawings and exclusive ones. In the latter case, one should take into account the increase in order fulfillment time, since work with the client follows a slightly different pattern than in the first case: a technician visiting the site to take measurements and discussing with the customer the types and quantities of commercial equipment, working with sketches, approving drawings and equipment manufacturing. Own workshops and a variety of activities allow the masters of the OMI studio to simultaneously offer the customer the design of commercial equipment with branded and advertising products.

Trade equipment

The craftsmen use only high-quality materials in their work, which virtually eliminates breakdowns and shortcomings in the work. We are guided by the rule: a client’s re-application to the OMI studio can only be as a result of the expansion of his business or the expiration of the equipment’s service life. Prices are based on complexity, order volume, additional advertising services and materials used in the work. As a result of regular work with our suppliers, we have acquired a good discount on raw materials. We work with both wholesale and individual customers throughout Ukraine, the CIS countries and Europe.

Production of commercial equipment

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