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Handmade decorations

One ​​of the areas that has received intensive development in the OMI studio is the production of handmade jewelry. The catalog of works by OMI craftsmen presents finished products. If the selected product is not available for any reason, the masters of the OMI studio will make a similar piece of jewelry for you: no matter how hard the craftsman tries, it is almost impossible to make two absolutely identical products. That is why handmade jewelry made in the OMI studio is beautiful, bright, original, unusual and exclusive.

Our specialists also make custom-made jewelry, we work with customer sketches.

When making jewelry, we use natural stones, Swarovski stones (Swarovski stones), rhinestones, crystals, diamonds, diamonds, various glass, types of plastic, beads, clay and other materials. In fact, for creative people, like our craftsmen, any item can become an element of future decoration.

In addition, with the help of stones, beads and seed beads, our craftsmen can make an exclusive item out of consumer goods.

Handmade jewelry

Jewelry made by our craftsmen will be a wonderful gift for a woman of any age and status. The price of custom-made jewelry, prices for costume jewelry are very varied, but you need to understand that exclusive items have always cost more.

The peculiarity of our presence on the Ukrainian market is that we limit ourselves only to the terms of our obligations. Limitless are the flights of imagination of craftsmen, the variety of materials and the market for products. At the request of the customer, jewelry made by the masters of the OMI studio can be sent to any corner of the world. Delivery costs are calculated according to the price lists of transport companies.

Handmade jewelry to order.

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