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Gardening flowerpots

Masters of the studio "OMI" they make gardening flowerpots and gardening flowerpots to order.

In the conditions of urbanization, the population of cities tries to use every opportunity to green the space around them. Flowerpots on sidewalks, flowerpots on the roadway as a lane separator, portable flowerbeds in squares, flowerpots in the garden, park flower beds, flowerpots on railings, flowerpots on balconies, flowerpots on public and private staircases, flowerpots on lanterns, multi-storey flowerpots, retaining walls in the form of flower beds. This and much more can be ordered at the OMI studio.

Gardening and park flowerpots

Skillfully selected plants and their combination, undoubtedly, are the best decoration of the territory, however, the appearance of the flowerpot (flower bowl) as a frame for the flower arrangement also plays an important role in this matter. The most important thing is to choose the right style and material of the flowerpot that will fit perfectly into the surrounding space. Depending on the goals, flowerpots can be hanging, stationary or portable, with or without legs. Masters of the studio "OMI" They offer to buy gardening flowerpots presented in the company’s catalog, and our specialists will create flowerpots according to an individual project.

Gardening and park flowerpots

We make custom granite flowerpots, marble flowerpots, concrete flowerpots, sandstone flowerpots, plaster flowerpots, plastic flowerpots, wooden flowerpots, cast iron flowerpots. Also, the masters of the OMI studio We will make custom flower pots for you. The price of a garden flowerpot depends on the material, size and complexity of the work.

The main production of "OMI" is located in Kyiv, we have representative offices in the cities of Ukraine and China. We accept orders from all over Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.

Making flowerpots

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Outdoor flowerpots, made to order. Manufacturing of garden flowerpots. 

Examples of works by world masters that you can order from the OMI studio.

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