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Children's painting

The OMI studio specializes in artistic painting of children's room interiors, painting of kindergartens, and artistic painting of children's furniture. The masters of the OMI studio will carry out artistic painting of a children's room and painting of walls in a kindergarten to order.

Children's painting

The work of artistic wall painting in a nursery, in principle, does not differ significantly from wall painting in other rooms. The same mandatory preparation of walls before applying an artistic design, mandatory protective coating, our craftsmen always use only certified paints that are harmless to health. The main difference is in the plot and the use of predominantly bright colors in the work.

Art painting in the nursery

Working with a customer to design artistic wall paintings in a nursery, we can offer two options for developing the scenario: the first is the choice of an artistic plot for decorating the nursery in our catalog, the second is the development of an artistic sketch design with words of the customer. After approval, the craftsmen begin directly painting the walls in the children's room. The price for artistic painting of a children's room depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

In addition, the masters of the OMI studio professionally paint walls in kindergartens, children's clinics and hospitals.


Art painting in a children's room to order.

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