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Topiary sculptures

Masters of the OMI studio will make topiaries from artificial grass (toriary figures, topiary sculptures).

This designation appeared in the everyday life of Ukrainians not so long ago. In fact, the production of topiary figures dates back hundreds of years – This is shaped pruning of bushes and small trees, giving them geometric, architectural forms, the image of a person or animal, etc. Surely many have watched the feature film by the legendary director Tim Burton, “Edward Scissorhands,” in which a guy with scissors instead of hands created works of art from green spaces. This is a prime example of bush sculpture or topiary.

Over time, new mechanisms were used in the manufacture of topiaries that do not require long-term growth and formation of shrubs: a metal frame of a certain shape is boiled down, which is filled with a substrate; various plants are planted on the frame. The appropriate appearance was achieved thanks to the diversity and color of plants. Creating and caring for such a topiary figure requires deep botanical knowledge.

Topiary sculptures

Today, new materials have appeared, and, accordingly, opportunities to simplify the production and care of topiaries. We are talking about artificial grass and the use of this material, resistant to sunlight and precipitation, in the manufacture of topiary sculptures.

Artificial grass topiaries are also based on a metal frame of the appropriate shape, on top it is covered with fiberglass, plastic or polyurethane, which is pasted over with artificial grass.

Externally, artificial grass topiaries are almost impossible to distinguish from topiaries made from natural grass. They also attract attention and arouse admiration from others. But unlike the latter, the former perform their advertising functions year-round without losing their appearance, and do not require any maintenance. In addition, they serve as a photo zone, and therefore the object of viral advertising. A topiary installed next to an office, store or cafe will create conditions  to increase brand awareness, increase sales and increase the organization's profits.

Topiary sculptures < /p>

The price of artificial grass topiary depends on the size of the figure and the complexity of the work. For the masters of the OMI studio There are no impossible tasks, difficulties only spur us on to solve the problem. If a figure is made to order, the estimate also includes the services of the designer. Delivery and installation of the sculpture are calculated using a separate calculation. By the way, in most cases, topiaries made by the masters of the OMI studio are quite stable and do not require any special installation or fastening. We offer to buy artificial grass topiaries presented in the company’s catalog. They will be a wonderful decoration for a personal plot, a park area, or, as mentioned above, an engine of trade.

Head office of the OMI studio  located in Kyiv, the network of representative offices throughout Ukraine is widely represented. We work with customers from all over our country, CIS countries and Europe.

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Custom topiary figures. Making topiary sculptures

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