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Outdoor advertising

Production of outdoor advertising. All successful companies turn to the OMI studio. Our craftsmen will produce unique outdoor advertising to order.

Production of outdoor advertising; outdoor advertising includes all types of advertising that are located outside, outside the building. This can be any street structures and three-dimensional figures, outdoor illuminated advertising, outdoor LED advertising, boards, pavement signs (passing signs), signs on building facades, lightboxes, electronic displays and much more.

Outdoor advertising

The price of outdoor advertising is commensurate with the expected effect from it. We cannot neglect inexpensive types of outdoor advertising, which include pillars and lightboxes. They work in close proximity to the advertising object, just like signs, which, depending on their size, can be classified in the average price category of outdoor advertising. More expensive outdoor advertising includes individual original projects. Types of outdoor advertising - outdoor advertising signs, production of volumetric boards, volumetric foam sculptures, volumetric advertising figures, volumetric letters, illuminated advertising, volumetric pillars, etc. We also design and create branded photo zones for placement in urban environments. Viral advertising is the best advertising.

Outdoor advertising

If the customer has not decided on the type of outdoor advertising, the masters of the OMI studio will advise and select the most suitable option for the production of outdoor advertising, and offer a catalog of outdoor advertising made for customers from various cities of Ukraine, European and CIS countries.

Our own workshops in Kyiv, a network of representative offices, a wide range of specialists working with various materials and using various techniques allow us to occupy a leading position in the outdoor advertising market. There are no impossible tasks for us; any difficulties stimulate us to improve and find solutions.

If you want your outdoor advertising to work, come to the OMI studio.


Outdoor advertising. Production of outdoor advertising

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