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Facade stucco, architectural elements

It is human nature to decorate your home both inside and outside. A worthy decoration for any home can be façade decor, decorative elements, gypsum stucco, and polyurethane decor. At the OMI company You can purchase a ready-made product, or you can order the production of stucco according to an individual project. Such decoration will make your home unique, respectable and inimitable.

Facade stucco

Most often, the OMI studio order the design of cornices, caissons in a vault or dome, friezes, decoration of columns, brackets and niches, design of door and window openings, balconies and terraces.

Traditionally, stucco is made from plaster and concrete – These are durable, fundamental materials that do not burn and do not change color or shape over time. In the studio "OMI" They also work with lighter materials, for example, polymer concrete – it is a mixture of concrete and polymers. This material is lighter than plaster and can be painted. The advantage of polymer concrete is that its surface can be imitated to resemble any material – marble, cast iron, granite. The lightest are polyurethane and polystyrene. Manufacturing and installation will cost much less, but over time, products made from these materials dry out, change color, are flammable and are very difficult to repair.

Facade stucco

Studio "OMI" offers you a service such as the production and installation of stucco molding of any complexity, since we only employ professionals. High-quality stucco molding cannot be cheap, since the process of its production includes several very labor-intensive stages, but at the same time our prices – some of the cheapest in Ukraine, while you get products of excellent quality.

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Making sculptures
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Marble products
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Facade stucco

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OMI studio news

Studio "OMI" was chosen as the contractor for the production of the memorial plaque to Anton Kulchitsky
The masters of the OMI studio made a memorial plaque to the military scientist, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Anton Vladimirovich Kulchitsky...
For the fifth anniversary of Ubisoft, the masters of the OMI studio made award figurines for the “old-timers” of the company
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Studio "OMI" created a sculpture of Bob Snail
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Making a bust for a tombstone
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A sculpture of a gorilla with a baby from OMI settled in the Feldman Ecopark for the production of animal sculptures.
Located in Kharkov, “Feldman Ecopark” is a cozy corner of wildlife that is very popular among both residents of Ukraine and its guests. The OMI studio...


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