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Plotter cutting of foam plastic

The OMI studio has in its workshops a modern, high-precision plotter for cutting out any contour from foam, which allows our craftsmen to provide services for the manufacture of foam products, foam parts of any complexity, shapes made of foam, advertising figures made of foam, three-dimensional advertising made of foam, outdoor advertising made of foam, sculptures made of foam, foam figures for decoration, animal figures made of foam, balls made of foam, snowflakes made of foam, decorations made of foam, props made of foam, three-dimensional letters made of polystyrene foam. And most importantly, we have the ability to organize any circulation of absolutely identical elements, from a single copy to infinity. For many large companies with branches located in many cities, it is important that the brand exactly matches any advertising product. And most often, the company’s management provides advertising support to its branches. And others, on the contrary, need a part in a single copy. We will fulfill any order of foam plastic products on time with high quality and with the same attention to the customer.

Plotter cutting

Most often, plotter cutting is used in the manufacture of foam products, volumetric letters from foam, words from foam, products from foam in the advertising industry, volumetric figures from foam, window dressing, and in the manufacture of props , layouts, decorations, etc. Experienced and qualified craftsmen of the OMI studio will help you in the manufacture of foam parts of any complexity and volume. This is one of the most accurate and inexpensive types of manufacturing elements of the finished product. When ordering very large foam parts, we usually suggest that the client break them down into components. We can also organize assembly or glue the finished product from its components.

Plotter cutting of foam plastic

At the request of the customer, after appropriate processing and painting, the masters of the OMI studio will deliver and, if necessary, install the finished product. The cost of plotter cutting depends on the complexity and volume of work.

Plotter cutting of foam plastic

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