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Plaster stucco

Gypsum stucco as interior decoration

Custom plaster stucco molding from the masters of the OMI studio - this is a guarantee of quality, compliance with work deadlines and accuracy of reproduction in the case of restoration.

Before the mass construction of cities with standard small-sized housing began, every architect considered it a matter of honor to build a house unlike the others. Most often, the hand of the master could be recognized by the facade stucco molding, which, in addition to individuality, gave the house and interior an elegant look and rich decoration. To this day, old houses are a decoration of modern cities and are carefully preserved for posterity.

Gypsum stucco

Today, gypsum stucco is coming back into fashion, especially in private construction. Gypsum – This is an environmentally friendly material, not subject to combustion, perfectly amenable to processing and painting. In addition, modern processing methods allow us to talk about the guaranteed service life of gypsum stucco molding – from 50 years old. We invite you to order gypsum stucco molding to decorate the facade of your house, openings for windows and doors, columns, and balconies. Stucco molding also looks elegant in the interior – gypsum stucco molding on columns, walls, ceilings, gypsum rosettes to decorate the ceiling around chandeliers, etc. In addition, gypsum decor can perfectly cope with any imperfections in the walls, hiding unevenness underneath, and can also become an element of attracting attention to something.

The price of gypsum stucco molding depends on the complexity and volume of the order. Can be manufactured directly at the facility itself, as well as in the OMI workshop. followed by fastening to the object.

Masters of the OMI studio engaged in the restoration of plaster decor. A striking example of our work can be the restoration based on old photographs of the gypsum stucco molding of the Moskovskaya Hotel, located on Deribasovskaya Street in Odessa.

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Custom gypsum stucco

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