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Artistic casting

Exclusive artistic casting made to order. Masters of the OMI studio have mastered the art casting technology to perfection –  exclusive products made of bronze, production of decorative elements and metal products, decorative dishes made of bronze, candelabra made of bronze, candlesticks made of bronze, accessories made of bronze, home decor made of bronze, fireplace sets made of bronze, chandeliers made of bronze, sconces made of bronze, frames for mirrors made of bronze, watches made of bronze, elements and pieces of furniture made of bronze, sculptures made of bronze, statues made of bronze, bronze busts. The word casting itself gives some idea of the technology - this is the pouring of metal molten at a high temperature (more than 1000 degrees Celsius) into a prepared mold. The most common alloys used in artistic casting are bronze, brass, cast iron, copper, gold and silver. The main difference between artistic casting and serial casting is the uniqueness of the work, and high detail of the component elements of the product is also possible.

Art casting

The most important and time-consuming process is the process of making a mold, which is subsequently filled with molten metal. When the metal hardens, it takes on an exact copy of its shape. The pouring process is no less responsible – the master must direct the jet bursting with heat so that the metal evenly fills all the niches of the form, without forming voids, unnecessary formations and bubbles. Good production capacity and experienced craftsmen allow us to accept the most complex and voluminous orders.

Art casting

In the workshops of the OMI studio Using the artistic casting method, they produce elements of garden furniture made of bronze, bronze urns, bronze fences of various heights in various styles, decorative bronze grilles, bronze interior elements, railings for balconies and stairs, household items, religious and ritual items , bronze bells, bronze monuments and bronze figurines. You can buy artistic castings in workshops in Kyiv, Odessa and Dnepr, and also place an order for production via the Internet from any city in Ukraine. We work with the customer’s sketches, and also offer the services of a designer from the OMI studio. to draw up a project according to the customer. The price of artistic casting depends on the metal (alloy) used, complexity and volume of work.

Making sculptures

Making sculptures
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Art casting
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Granite sculptures
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Granite figures
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Animal statues
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Custom art casting

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OMI studio news

Transcending the boundaries of time, elite monuments made of white marble Pietà, the sculpture “Mourning of Christ” to order.
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Bronze interior figurine “Cherry” production of interior bronze products to order.
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The product of the OMI studio will decorate the National Wine Forum
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The masters of the OMI studio created cheese replicas for the Wine House company
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The monobank cat came to life in the OMI studio
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