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Landscape layouts

In their work, OMI studio specialists have more than once encountered a situation where the client is interested not so much in the architectural ensemble as in the layout of the landscape. Moreover, in full, with the elaboration of all the nuances and features of a given area, with the “planting” of green spaces, and changes in the landscape. An experienced look “from above” by a specialist from the OMI studio and an assessment of the terrain allows us to give recommendations to the customer on using the features of a given area to create compositions of green spaces, alpine slides, installation of structures, etc.

The masters of the OMI studio use various materials when making landscape models: plastic, wood, metal, plaster, architectural plasticine, glass, plexiglass, cardboard, foam, etc. Our main rule is to adhere to a certain concept in the selection of materials and match the color scheme of the layout to natural colors. If the client wishes to highlight a certain area in the layout, we use lighting rather than color. Prices are based on the complexity of the order, detail, production time and materials used. Since we work in our own workshops, if necessary, order production times can be significantly reduced. We accept orders from all over the world.

Architectural layouts and models of residential buildings
Architectural layouts and models of complexes
Architectural layouts and models of industrial enterprises
Architectural layouts and models of factories
Architectural layouts and models of cottages
Architectural models and models of cottage settlements
Architectural layouts and interior models
Town planning layouts and models
Training mockups for students
Landscape mockups
Advertising layouts
Layouts of architectural structures and details
Development and creation of project documentation
Creating computer visualization
Creating videos

Production of landscape layouts.

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