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Foam sculptures

The masters of the OMI studio make foam sculptures and three-dimensional foam figures to order. A figure made of foam plastic is a weather-resistant material, which makes it possible to install sculptures and figures made of it not only indoors, but also outdoors; and its lightness allows you to easily transport foam figures of any size. It is also a material that can be easily processed, which significantly reduces the production time for foam plastic figures, and its low cost is another plus in the treasury of advantages.

Foam sculptures

The scope of application of foam plastic sculptures is quite wide. The masters of the OMI studio make landscape sculptures from foam plastic for placement on a personal plot, busts and dummies as visual aids, foam decorations and prop columns for theatrical productions and the film industry, and New Year's figures from foam plastic. We also produce advertising figures from foam, characters from films and cartoons from foam, snowflakes from foam, foam balls, life-size figures from foam, letters and inscriptions, scenery from foam, three-dimensional objects of varying complexity for photo shoots.

Foam sculptures

The basis for making foam sculptures and large foam figures is the method of cutting a whole product or its parts from a sheet of foam. Subsequently, the parts are glued together and, if necessary, weighted, placed on a metal or plastic frame. Production of foam figures in our own workshops, custom foam figures.


Making sculptures from foam plastic. Volumetric figures made of polystyrene foam to order

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