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3D printing

Keeping up with the times, the masters of the OMI studio are ready to offer their clients a new product on the Ukrainian market - 3D printing. What is a printer and printing text documents and photographs does not raise any questions for anyone today. However, not every inhabitant of the planet understands the functional purpose of a 3D printer and the capabilities of 3D printing.

In simple terms, this is the reproduction, using layer-by-layer building, of an exact three-dimensional copy of any physical object. A 3D printer uses plastic as ink, and a three-dimensional computer model of the object as a document sent for printing. Depending on the conditions for the further use of the 3D printing object, the masters of the OMI studio use plastic of various modifications with certain physical and chemical properties.

3D printing

As ​​a rule, cooperation with a client begins with preparing a three-dimensional computer model of the future print object and loading the file into a 3D printer. The accuracy of the original reproduction directly depends on the accuracy of the computer model. The customer can provide us with either a ready-made file or contact our designers for help in creating a computer model. The most in demand today is the reconstruction of failed parts of household appliances, components of industrial devices, plastic cases, containers, dummies, architectural models, interior items (vases, lamps), jewelry, souvenirs and toys. Among other things, a 3D printer makes it possible to create previously inaccessible shapes. The masters of the OMI studio are ready to offer the realization of any client’s imagination and create unique 3D printing objects.

3D printing

At the request of the customer, the masters of the OMI studio will also perform additional processing of the 3D printed object - grinding, chemical polishing, painting, varnishing. The time it takes to print a three-dimensional object on a 3D printer depends on the complexity and volume of the order. The cost of 3D printing ranges from 4 to 9 hryvnia/gram depending on the material used, volume and complexity of the order. We work with customers from all over Ukraine, home visits are possible.

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3D printing

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