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Granite products

Stone products, masters of the OMI studio make products and granite to order: stone products, granite sculptures, granite steles, granite memorials, granite obelisks, granite monuments, granite countertops, sinks, bowls, flower beds, facing slabs, granite paving slabs, and much more other. Any fantasy of the customer can be brought to life by our craftsmen.

Granite products

The word "granite" natural stone is associated with strength and durability. Indeed, products made from this natural material will serve for a long time and reliably; granite is resistant to chemical and natural influences and abrasion. Granite has found great use in construction. They line walls, floors, fireplaces, fountains, and paving sidewalks and squares. However, it is not recommended to be overly carried away by the abundance of granite in the interior, since it, due to the content of hard earth metals, may have insignificant radioactivity. On the other hand – granite has healing properties; according to some observations, it stimulates human mental activity.

Granite products

You can buy granite products by contacting the workshop of the OMI studio. We are ready to provide you with a catalog of our work, as well as develop an exclusive project for a stone product. The price of a granite product depends on the cost of the stone (since it is a natural material, the price depends on the degree of prevalence of granite, the place of extraction and artistic value) and the complexity and volume of work.

Making sculptures

Making sculptures
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Granite sculptures
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Granite figures
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Custom granite products. Manufacturing of granite products

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OMI studio news

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