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Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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Production of three-dimensional advertising figures “Watercolor” has become brighter with “OMI”
The well-known chain of stationery stores "Akvarel" became a client of the OMI studio. Our craftsmen created exclusive decorations for the display win...
Masters of the OMI studio: the feasibility of involving contractors to create computer graphics
Some manufacturers of printed materials, including periodicals, are faced with the problem of the inappropriateness of employing highly specialized de...
The masters of the OMI studio became the materializers of the ideas of the famous artist and designer Lina Condes
The masters of the OMI studio helped bring to life the ideas of a contemporary artist, designer Lina Condes for her personal exhibition “Hard art”, wh...
Masters of the OMI studio confirmed: from Kyiv to Kherson 432 km
The masters of the OMI studio fulfilled the order of the Kyiv City State Administration to restore the distance indicator to regional Ukrainian cities...
Giant ski helmets: skiers were impressed by the work of the OMI studio
This winter season, many have already visited Bukovel. And of course, many saw a bright photo zone in the form of two ski helmets. We are pleased to a...


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