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Writing icons to order

Painting icons is one of the most responsible and painstaking types of painting. Icons have accompanied the life of mankind for a long time and often connect us with our ancestors, passed on from generation to generation. This is the face of a saint to whom people pray and ask for help. An icon is the embodiment of prayer. She absorbs every story. And it is not surprising that many families have their own family icon, passed on by inheritance. If your family does not have a family icon, we suggest you contact the OMI studio and order the painting of a family icon. We also write dimensional, nominal and other types of icons.


Initially, OMI studio masters think through the image and agree on the size with the customer. A carpenter prepares a wooden base for painting an icon. In the future icon, the width of the field and the internal area for depicting the saint’s face are determined. Next, the wooden base is prepared for a long time for painting the icon: applying several layers of glue, gluing fabric, priming, sanding. Preparatory work may take about a month in some cases. Therefore, when planning to give a gift to your loved ones in the form of a unique icon, take this moment into account.


At the same time, the paper version of the future image is agreed upon with the customer. The approved view is transferred to a wooden base, and the main work of painting the icon begins. The faces of the saints are clearly drawn. The masters of the OMI studio use in painting icons a technique that has already been established over centuries, which is thought out to the smallest detail. In addition to basic paints, artists often use gold leaf to decorate icons.

The masters of the OMI studio work with both individual customers and representatives of churches from all over our country and Europe. The cost of the order is determined depending on the size and complexity of the work in hryvnia. The customer can only dedicate the icon so that he can pray to it.


Writing icons to order.

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