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Handmade, due to its uniqueness and quality of workmanship, has always been in great demand. Batik, made by the masters of the OMI studio, is perhaps one of the most interesting and labor-intensive types of painting: both in the technique of execution and in obtaining the final result. Artists of the company "OMI" Only 100% natural fabrics and matching colors are used.

Batik fabric painting to order

Batik is a hand-painted design on fabric. The technique is that certain areas of the fabric are coated with a special substance that does not allow the fabric to be dyed in the places where it is applied. According to the method of application, the artists of the OMI studio They work in 2 methods: hot and cold. With the hot method, molten wax is used as a reserve substance, which is applied to the fabric in areas that are not subject to painting. At the end of the work, the wax is removed. In the cold method, special substances of rubber origin are used as a reserve. In this case, the applied pattern turns out to be more refined and voluminous. Cold and hot batik techniques are used not only when creating designs on clothes, but also when painting canvases. Artists of the studio "OMI" can complete an individual order for a client to create a unique outfit or a unique painting; this canvas can become a decoration for your interior.

Batik fabric painting to order

Masters of the OMI company Despite their youth, they have extensive experience in performing work using the batik technique. Prices for handmade work are among the lowest in Ukraine. We accept orders from all over Ukraine.


Batik painting to order.

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