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Frame LED figures

Decorative light compositions and complex LED figures are the most popular type of New Year's decorations. Huge figures that shine with lights attract attention and fascinate, giving a feeling of magic and fairy tales. Despite the fact that such products are most in demand during the New Year and Christmas holidays, frame LED figures are also quite often used to decorate children's entertainment centers, retail spaces, holiday locations and photo zones.

LED figures

The OMI studio offers the production of LED installations and custom-made LED figures. The production process of such products, as a rule, involves two main stages: the formation of a strong and reliable frame and its decoration with special garlands. These garlands and LEDs can be confidently used outdoors even in severe frosts. As for the composition and theme of the LED figures, everything depends on the customer’s imagination. In the OMI Studio you can order a frame LED figure, either according to your own sketches, or develop a unique sketch with the help of our artists. LED figures as New Year's decorations are usually made in the form of: Christmas deer with a sleigh, New Year trees, Christmas decorations and other themed items. Such decorations are installed on the street near public institutions, shops, and they also decorate city streets, squares and other pedestrian places. Frame LED figures can also be made in any desired form: fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters, advertised products and much more.

LED figures

Ordering LED figures from the OMI studio is quite simple, you just need to call one of the phone numbers listed on our website. Consultants will provide detailed information on the price and what options are available for manufacturing frame LED figures to order. It is from us that you can buy LED figures at the best price in Kyiv. Delivery of finished products is carried out throughout Ukraine.

Production of LED installations and production of LED figures

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