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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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Family crypt made of granite: luxury turnkey monuments to order
A special order for the production and installation of a family crypt was carried out by the masters of the OMI studio. The memorial complex consists...
Order New Year and Christmas photo zones from the OMI studio
There is very little time left before the Christmas and New Year holidays, so it’s time to start preparing for this wonderful event. To make the prepa...
Non-standard masks to order from the masters of the OMI studio
The production of masks, decorations, and props to order is one of the areas in which the masters of the OMI studio work to make your holiday bright a...
Memorial plaques made of bronze to order.
A custom-made bronze plaque from the Institute of Sorption and Endoecology Problems of the National Academy of Sciences was made in the OMI studio....
The masters of the OMI studio developed a project for the reconstruction of a fountain in a park in Dneprodzerzhinsk
As ​​part of the improvement of the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk, the art director of the OMI studio Igor Ashcheulov developed and the city authorities im...


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