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Graphic arts

Graphics – This is a unique type of fine art. It is a drawing made using strokes, lines, spots and dots. The background in the graphics is paper (white, colored). Most often done in shades of black and gray. Recently, color graphics have become very popular. As an example, we can cite street graphics on city walls.


Masters of the OMI studio engaged in the production of custom graphic drawings. With the help of graphics, you can transform the walls of your home or fence and create a piece of street art. We work with the customer’s sketches and ideas and bring our own ideas to life.


We can provide the customer with works of easel and printed graphics (engraving, lithography), and designed accordingly. Features of the graphics are the speed of execution, shading and shading allows you to create the illusion of three-dimensionality of the drawing. Graphic drawings can either be used as an independent work of art, or used as auxiliary material when creating sketches, paintings, sketches, posters, and advertising materials. Masters of the company "OMI" can offer clients computer graphics services.


The order execution time is from several minutes to several days (depending on the task and the volume of the order). We work with the customer remotely and on site (all over Ukraine). The prices will pleasantly surprise you.


Graphic art

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