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Wood products

The masters of the OMI studio make wood products.

Wooden products never go out of style, and various creative approaches make them modern and relevant at any time. In addition, wood is a material that has the magic of coziness, warmth and comfort. It lends itself perfectly to processing, and various coatings allow you to give the wood different performance qualities.

Wood products

The products that our craftsmen can offer to clients can be divided into 3 categories:

- wooden furniture: wooden stools, regular and carved wooden tables, wooden beds, wooden kitchens;

- outdoor furniture, decorative products and buildings: wooden benches, wooden gazebos, pergolas, canopies, wooden swings, bridges, wells, decorative carts, booths, wooden stairs;

- wooden art objects: wooden paintings, wooden statues, wooden sculptures, carved wooden icons and much more.

A wide range of customers, as well as the desire to be relevant and in demand both in Ukraine and in foreign countries, stimulates the masters of the OMI studio to constantly improve, master new techniques, and develop new carving patterns , subjects for paintings, etc.

Wood products

The price of a wooden product depends on the complexity of production, the type of wood, material consumption, and the cost of coating. The price does not include delivery costs.

The production facilities of the OMI studio are located in Kyiv, we work with all regions of Ukraine and customers from foreign countries. The delivery service is determined by the customer; in some cases, the assembly of the product at the installation site is additionally specified. As related services, we will be happy to offer landscape design and landscaping.

Wood crafts, wood furniture, wood outdoor furniture, wood decorative products and buildings, wood art, wood paintings, wood statues, wood sculptures , wooden icons to order in Ukraine

Order handmade wood products.

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