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Plastic products

Production of plastic products. Thanks to their versatility, plastics have firmly established themselves at the forefront of manufacturing and the consumer market. Low cost, the ability to impart various strength properties and colors to the plastic mass by adding additives, resistance to aggressive environments, lack of corrosion and ease of processing allow this material to be used in almost any area of ​​the national economy, military and space industries. However, mass production of plastic products often involves the use of plastic only of a certain composition, properties and standard molds for molding plastic products. Which, in turn, does not allow achieving the properties desired by the customer. In addition, production scale significantly influences the increase in price when executing an individual order.

Plastic products

More flexible to customer conditions are companies that are directly involved in the manufacture of polymer products, production of plastic products to order and are focused on unique products. Manufacturers of plastic products from the OMI studio, depending on the required qualities for the product, will tell you what kind of polymer will be meet the requirements as much as possible (polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene copolymers, etc.). A huge range of color additives allows you to achieve the desired color of a plastic product. Our own facilities, workshop, and design bureau make it possible to develop and manufacture parts of various sizes and shapes. Our craftsmen are proficient in various methods of plastic processing: casting, resin casting, sculpting, carving, building up, turning, milling, grinding and can produce both a whole product and certain parts that have different functional purposes.

Plastic products

Almost all polymers that have the properties of thermoplastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polycarbonate and others) can be used as raw materials. Using the vacuum molding method, plastic products are produced for all areas and fields of activity, including custom-made plastic products:

  • for the aviation, automotive and shipbuilding industries;
  • for the production of packaging containers and containers of all types;
  • for the needs of food production, chemical industry, medicine;
  • for the production of household appliances, devices and equipment;
  • for construction and design needs.

Our company produces a variety of promotional items using vacuum forming technologies:

  • POS materials (stands for various products, dispensers, racks, pylons, elements of walk-in counters, etc.)
  • front panels of light boxes
  • dummies (jumbies)
  • display
  • showcases
  • various types of volumetric structures
  • plastic shelves
  • trays
  • countertops
  • covers for the automotive industry

Plastic products plant, in working with clients, we give preference to an individual approach to each customer, interaction at every stage, and attentiveness to the client, regardless of the volume and size of the order.

Plastic products

If necessary, our craftsmen will decorate the finished product, assemble the parts into a solid product, and carry out installation. We work throughout Ukraine, the countries of the former CIS and Europe. Calculation of the order cost is free.

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