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Custom props

When carrying out various events and theatrical performances, lightweight copies of objects and buildings - props - are often required. The masters of the OMI studio are professionally engaged in the production of props, the production of props and scenery, the production of props and props, the production of props and props for cinema.. Most often, the papier-mâché technique is used for production - layering of glued paper. In this case, special precision in small details is not required, since props are used on stage far from the watchful eye of the audience. However, due to the correct artistic design, the lightweight copy gives the impression of the original.

Custom props

This can be any buildings, weapons, equipment, dishes, food, etc. Recently, orders have appeared for imitations of video surveillance systems and dummies of military equipment. Such objects, when positioned correctly, have a great influence on people. Props, under certain conditions, serve for quite a long time.

In addition to cardboard and paper, the masters of the OMI studio use plastic, fabric, mastics, light metals, etc. in the production of props. The prop master has great abilities and skills: a sculptor, a chaser, a mechanic, a finisher, an artist.

Custom props

We cooperate with large trading companies and advertising agencies in preparing props for budget advertising campaigns. Only professionals work in the OMI studio, so our first clients come back to us again and bring new customers. We work throughout Ukraine, the countries of the former CIS and Europe.




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