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Panels and reliefs as a type of sculpture

Relief — This is one of the types of sculpture in which what is depicted is created using volume, the play of light and shadow. The relief is viewed from the front, which distinguishes it from easel and monumental sculpture. Relief is most often used to decorate buildings, columns, and pedestals as an element of architectural composition. It can be convex or recessed into the wall. Panel – This is the interior decoration of the ceiling and walls of the premises. It can represent a completed picture and be an interior element. If you don’t know how to decorate the walls, our craftsmen will help you solve this problem. A sculptural panel in the interior can emphasize the design of a room, place accents, and add mood.

Artistic panel

Panels and reliefs in most cases (but not necessarily) are painted in order to convey the depth of the intended composition with the help of paints, and with the help of volume – realism.

Artistic panel

Masters of the studio "OMI" - This is a young, promising, creative team. We produce panels and reliefs according to the client’s sketch, or we can offer our ideas and options for ready-made designs. We work “antique”, classic, high-tech, we develop new ideas used in the modern design of houses and interiors. Professional sculptors, artists and graphic artists of the OMI company will create unique handmade masterpieces. The production of reliefs is based on decorative plaster, gypsum and gypsum-containing mixtures. When making panels, anything can be used as improvised materials – stones, coffee beans, shells, glass, etc. Our masters travel to any city in Ukraine. The prices are very affordable.

Artistic panel

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Reliefs and decorative wall panels

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