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Restoration of ceramic products

Restoration of ceramic products. Restoration of decorative porcelain and ceramics is an opportunity to give a second life to collectible and valuable items. The OMI studio has already repeatedly fulfilled orders for the restoration of decorative vases, ceramic figurines, porcelain figurines, sculptures, and this became an incentive to start a separate direction in its work, namely the restoration of ceramic and porcelain products.

Restoration of ceramic products

As ​​a rule, ceramics are a fragile material that is often subject to destructive environmental influences. Ceramic products, in addition to being easily broken, lose their original aesthetics over time: the surface of the product darkens, loses its shine, and decorative elements are erased. But this does not mean that an outdated and broken item will have to be sent to a landfill. The masters of the OMI studio will undertake its restoration and give it a second life. Almost all ceramic products can be restored: antique vases, collectible sets, dishes, flowerpots, ceramic figurines and figurines, porcelain dolls, collectible toys, and much more. In addition to gluing together broken elements, the OMI studio offers cleaning of products, restoration of color and decor, so that even an old item will look like new.

Restoration of ceramic products

To assess the extent of damage and the possibility of restoring your product, contact the managers of the OMI studio at the phone numbers listed on the website.

Restoration of ceramic products

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