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The OMI company produces custom-made ceramic pots. Our craftsmen will make full-fledged decorative decorations for the premises from ordinary flower pots - cache-pots. Modeling, painting, giving an unusual shape - this is what can distinguish a custom-made flower pot from a standard flower pot bought in a store. Individuality, the ability to leave any message, right down to the name of the plant that is planned to be planted in this pot - these are the requests that customers come to us with. Sometimes with your own sketch of a flower pot.

Clients often turn to us in cases where it is necessary to produce a large number of pots of the same color and texture, but of different sizes and shapes. Or the same size, texture and shape, but different colors.

A flowerpot or a series of flowerpots made by the craftsmen of the OMI company can become not just a decoration for any home or office, but also a wonderful gift for a friend, boss or relative. And the planted plants will be a wonderful addition to the gift. In addition, ceramics are a good material for plant growth and development. Clay is breathable and, due to its porous structure, eliminates excessive soil moisture in the pots. A well-developed transport sector allows us to deliver orders anywhere in Ukraine, the CIS countries and Europe.


Small plastic
Layers (tiles)
Decorative panel
Hot enamel


Examples of works by world masters that you can order from the OMI studio.

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