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You can save a life

Portrait to order

If you don’t know what to give to your loved ones or family. If you want to see your portrait every day in the most visible place in the living room. If your loved ones deserve to be represented in a family portrait. Then you've come to the right place. The masters of the OMI studio produce portraits to order.

Portrait to order

We work in various techniques: oil on canvas, watercolor, pastel, pencil. We can simply paint a portrait of your loved one in the morning sun right on the wall. We can paint a huge portrait and design it accordingly, or we can paint a miniature portrait as a talisman to wear on the chest.

Portrait to order

In order to order a portrait performed by the masters of the OMI studio, you do not have to sit in front of the artist for hours, you just need to provide us with a high-quality portrait photograph of the person whose portrait you want to paint. The cost of making a portrait to order depends on the size, execution technique and deadlines. We work for both cash and non-cash payments. A well-developed transport sector allows you to deliver orders anywhere in the world.


Portrait to order.

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OMI studio news

The sculpture workshop of the OMI studio sells a finished antique sculpture of Venus, 2.5 meters in size, made of plaster. at a price of $5000
The sculpture workshop of the OMI studio sells a finished antique sculpture of Venus, 2.5 meters in size, made of plaster. priced at $5000 Handmade....
OMI masters created an army of imperial stormtroopers for the NEO PLAZA shopping center
An army of imperial stormtroopers from Star Wars guards a new shopping and entertainment center in the Dnieper. Figures of famous characters from the...
Cartoon figurines based on photographs to order
Agree, the further you go, the more difficult it is to choose gifts. It’s already commonplace to give books, watches or gadgets, especially to people...
The dummies created by the masters of the OMI studio evoke a range of sensations
At the beginning of December 2015, the masters of the OMI studio were contacted by the company “Vzaperti”, which organizes quests in real life. To do...
Production of plastic masks to order
In the OMI studio you can order the development and production of custom masks. Plastic masks of heroes of films, computer games, cartoons and fairy t...


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