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Large format printing

Wide format printing remains the most popular in the advertising industry today. This type of printing has such advantages as accessibility, low cost, richness and variety of colors, durability (depending on the medium) and the ability to print images of gigantic sizes. Using plotters of various widths, the masters of the OMI studio print custom-made images for placement on a board, citylight, wall, pillar, or in the form of banner stretching. In large-format printing, paper, canvas, banner fabric, plastic, oracal and other materials are used as media. Most often, the media is fed into the plotter from a roll of a certain width (up to 1.5 meters). This limitation often requires drawing the image in width when gluing the board. Our craftsmen will also provide the service of gluing the image seam to seam, which will allow you to perceive the advertisement as a single whole.

Large format printing

The masters of the OMI studio will print a custom image for placement indoors. It should be taken into account that advertising placed indoors will be perceived by the viewer from a close distance, therefore the requirements for it are made based on this fact. The image quality should be maximum - print resolution from 720 to 2880 dpi; absence of specific odors and toxic materials in work. The largest number of orders for large-format printing in the OMI studio falls on the production of photo wallpapers, applying designs to suspended ceilings, ordering POS materials (life-size figures, posters, floor graphics, etc.).

Wide format printing

When using large-format printing for outdoor advertising, other requirements should be taken into account. The larger the image, the further the viewer must be from it in order to perceive the entire picture. Therefore, the requirements for image quality are low - print resolution can range from 72 to 360 dpi. However, in this case, it is necessary to take into account the impact of atmospheric conditions on large-format printing and use resistant inks and protective coatings.

Wide format printing

The OMI studio has its own equipment for both interior and exterior large-format printing. A professional designer works with clients, who will advise on printing requirements and help create a masterpiece advertisement. We accept orders from all over Ukraine.

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