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Outdoor furniture. Benches Urns. Vases

The masters of the OMI studio will make custom-made urns, flowerpots, flower beds, gazebos, and outdoor furniture. The latter concept is very diverse and includes the manufacture of benches, swings, tables and other things.

The range of materials used for the manufacture of outdoor furniture is very diverse: forged benches, wooden benches, stone benches, wooden swings, stone tables, wooden tables, fiberglass tables and benches with imitation for any material . A combination of different materials is possible, for example metal and wood.

The workshops of the OMI studio allow us to produce concrete urns, stone urns, forged urns, plaster flowerpots, concrete flower beds, concrete flower beds, stone flowerpots, plastic flowerpots, flowerpots made of wood.

Why, with such a variety of outdoor furniture manufacturers, should you contact the OMI studio? We are not just manufacturers, we are developers and designers. We work with both serial models and individual projects. In our work we are guided by the following rules: there are no impossible tasks; The more difficult the problem, the more interesting it is to find its solution.

Another distinctive feature of ours is the complexity of the services offered, from the creation of a landscape design project to its creative implementation. Of course, in our portfolio of street furniture there are inexpensive models that are standardly used in all cities of Ukraine for placement on streets, parks, squares, gardens and personal plots. But if you want to make a non-standard project in which street furniture will become an integral part of the architectural ensemble or landscape space, then you are definitely in the OMI studio.

The price of a garden bench of a serial model will differ significantly from the price of a custom-made bench, but in the latter case, individual dimensions, rotation angle, color and other parameters required by the customer will be taken into account. We can also offer artist services.

We work throughout Ukraine, it is possible to travel to implement a large-scale individual project in cities and villages of our country, as well as cities in the CIS and Europe. The main production facilities of OMI are located in Kyiv, we have a network of branches. We cooperate with various delivery services.

Landscape design

Rock gardens
Ponds, streams
Retaining walls

Custom landscape design.

Examples of works by world masters that you can order from the OMI studio.

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