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Military monuments

Russia's war against Ukraine has radically changed the life of our people. This also affected the activities of our company. No matter how painful it is to realize, there is now a growing demand for the production of memorial compositions in honor of the fallen defenders of Ukraine. This is a serious challenge for us, because it is very important to preserve the memory of the price our country pays today for its freedom and independence. After all, today the best sons and daughters of Ukraine are dying.

Military monuments

Studio "OMI" is engaged in the production and installation of various kinds of memorial sculptures in honor of the military, rescuers and doctors who today are fighting the enemy on all fronts. The advantage of our company is that we are a team of professional sculptors and artists who create unique and inimitable products. A creative approach to each project allows you to create a monument that reflects the value picture of the person in whose honor the memorial is being created. Our sculptors immerse themselves in the life and history of a person in order to feel the hero as clearly as possible and display his soul in sculpture.

Another advantage of our production is a thorough knowledge of all modern techniques and materials. Sculptures and monuments in honor of the defenders of Ukraine made of polyester and composite alloys can be installed both in the urban environment as a memorial and as a monument on a tombstone. The size and composition of a military-themed monument always depends on where exactly the product will be placed. A park sculpture in honor of the defenders of Ukraine or a monument to the military Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will be installed in the central square of the city, for example, will naturally differ from a memorial to a war hero installed directly at the burial site. It is all these subtleties that our masters take into account. Monuments in honor of fallen soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other structures that take a direct part in hostilities can also be made from natural materials: marble, granite, sandstone, bronze.

We take an individual approach to each project, because among our customers there are representatives of city governments and various departments, as well as relatives of fallen military personnel. And of course we offer all kinds of options at the client’s request. Today there is a sad situation that every day news of the dead comes, and this also must be taken into account when planning sculptures and memorial complexes in honor of the defenders of Ukraine, which are installed in cities. We also have ideas on this matter.

Order a memorial, monument or sculpture to fallen defenders with delivery and installation throughout Ukraine in the OMI studio. For more detailed information, please contact us in any way convenient for you.

Production of monuments to the military Armed Forces of Ukraine

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