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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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OMI studio news

Abstract figurine "Muse" gift figurines to order.
Custom gift figurines are a great way to make a unique and memorable gift. Studio "OMI" offers the production of souvenir and gift figurines with indi...
Masters of the OMI studio make packaging for the transportation of sculptures, paintings, props
The masters of the OMI studio, responding to customer requests, have established a new line of activity - the production of packaging for the transpor...
Studio "OMI" Creates unique light figures, including New Year's ones to order
In the world of beauty, every detail matters, every element is part of the big picture of attractiveness and style. Studio "OMI" offers uniq...
Studio "OMI" joined the all-Ukrainian project "Ukrainians at Once"
The masters of the OMI studio joined the project of the All-Ukrainian organization of ATO participants “Ukrainians at once.” Each owner of the “Ukr...
Studio "OMI" produced award figurines for the winners of Install Battle
The masters of the OMI studio created award statuettes for the winners of the Ukrainian Championship among installers of heating and water supply syst...


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