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If you are the happy owner of a private house, then you should not forget about arranging your garden plot. The surrounding area requires the same participation and investment as the interior decoration of the home.

The OMI studio professionally deals with the planning and design of the local area. At the initial stage, we engage in zonal planning based on the shape and size of the plot. In addition to garden beds and utility areas, you should also take care of recreation areas, children’s areas, and sports areas. A mandatory attribute of any zone is a properly designed platform, the external appearance of which already speaks of its functional purpose. The masters of the OMI studio make playgrounds, sports grounds, areas in front of the pool, areas for household needs, etc. Initially, we level the surface, plan where and what will be located, install lighting, prepare a “substrate” for the site and fill the surface with concrete or lay paving slabs. This is the basis of any platform. Next, depending on the purpose of the site, the masters of the OMI studio are engaged in its design.

Your wishes are our fulfillment! By contacting the OMI company, you receive a guarantee of high-quality work completed on time at prices below market prices.


Rock gardens
Ponds, streams
Retaining walls


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