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Foam advertising

Production of outdoor advertising from foam plastic. Foam advertising in the OMI studio’s own workshops there are all the necessary capacities for the production of foam advertising. We produce foam signs, three-dimensional foam letters and inscriptions, three-dimensional foam figures, foam sculptures, props, dummies and foam decorations.

Foam advertising

The price of foam advertising depends on the complexity and volume of work. The foam itself is one of the most inexpensive materials; it also has excellent performance qualities and is easy to process and reconstruct. When ordering the production of promotional products from foam plastic, you must remember that this is also one of the lightest materials. If you need to use advertising products in open areas, you should take this fact into account and make the product heavier or securely fasten it. The masters of the OMI studio also provide the service of installing foam advertising.

Foam advertising

Our specialists will make products of any size and complexity from foam plastic, simulating them to resemble any material: silver, gold, bronze, stone, wood, clay, porcelain, plaster, and so on. With the help of paints and all kinds of coatings, professional artists will create a dummy of any food product, dish, or object from a foam blank, and it will be difficult even for a specialist to distinguish the dummy from the original.

We work with customers from all over Ukraine, the CIS countries and Europe, the central office is located in Kyiv, we have representative offices in Ukraine and abroad.


Foam advertising. Production of outdoor advertising from foam plastic

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