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Restoration of paintings

Almost every person has paintings, no matter how they appeared at home: a gift, an inheritance, a personal acquisition. Paintings are exposed to negative external influences; dust gets into microcracks in the painting, which causes the illusion of a darkening of the painting. And over time, they, accordingly, require cleaning and restoration.

Restoration of paintings

The restorers of the OMI company, without damaging the painting and using available cleaning techniques, will restore the painting to its former brightness, and it will sparkle with new colors. If there are cracks or bulges on the surface of the painting, great skill and meticulousness are required for restoration. This is a very responsible and delicate matter, which should only be undertaken by specialists. If the painting is dear to you, under no circumstances should you attempt to restore it yourself. Contact the specialists of the OMI studio, who will carry out all restoration work in a short time.

Restoration of paintings

Over the years of work, the masters of the OMI stage have established themselves as responsible, honest and diligent restorers, who can be trusted with expensive works of art without a shadow of a doubt. People come to us for the restoration of oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings written in gouache, pastel or other materials. We are recommended as professionals who know and love their work. The cost of restoration work depends on the degree of damage to the painting, paints, material on which the painting is painted and the cost of the canvas. However, the cost of restoration services in the OMI studio is much lower than the cost of similar services in other workshops. Customers come to us from all over Ukraine and the CIS countries.


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