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Mosque painting

A mosque is a Muslim religious architectural structure, a place where a believer can worship God during prayer. Nothing should distract the worshiper from prayer, but at the same time, the decoration of the mosque should be majestic and beautiful. Regardless of the location, there are certain rules according to which it is customary to decorate a mosque. Thus, it is not customary to depict any living creatures on the walls of the mosque; in some cases, there are no images at all in the prayer hall, but there are always lines from the Koran in Arabic on the walls. The walls and vaults of the mosque are painted with ornaments and patterns, characterized by smooth lines and intricate weaving. Patterns can be mosaiced or painted. Gilding and gold painting also occupy a huge place in the decoration of mosques.

The masters of the OMI studio have extensive experience in painting religious institutions, among which painting of mosques occupies a special place. Having taken on an order, our craftsmen lead it from beginning to end: approving the project with the customer, preparing the walls, painting the mosque with color-fast paints and applying a protective coating. The OMI studio employs goldsmiths who are unique to Ukraine. A friendly, well-coordinated team, where everyone has their own special place, but at the same time is ready to back up their colleagues, allows us to always deliver projects on time. And constant interaction with the customer eliminates inaccuracies in the work. The price for painting a mosque is determined after determining the volume and complexity of the project. We work throughout Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.


Custom-made artistic painting of a mosque.

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