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Wall painting

Artistic painting of facade walls, painting of interior walls, painting of ceilings, painting of walls in the entrance. Function of walls – creating external boundaries from the environment and separating rooms in the house. This is an ordinary, boring, monochromatic surface. We propose to make it original and pleasing to the eyes of the owners and their guests. Studio "OMI" deals with artistic decoration of internal and external walls, painting of ceilings, painting of doors with picturesque paintings, artistic painting of walls, interior painting, ceiling painting. The use of painting in the interior allows you to shift the focus to one wall, expand the space, and visually raise the ceiling.

Wall painting

Painting walls in the interior will decorate the house, give it individuality and exclusivity, attract attention, and allow you to stand out from the background of similar buildings. Modern paints are absolutely safe, environmentally friendly, and allow walls to “breathe.” Artists of the studio "OMI" They work in various genres depending on the client’s wishes and the purpose of the room. To reduce the order execution time, we simultaneously begin to work in 2 directions: preparing the walls and approving the sketch of the drawing with the customer. The deadline for painting the walls by the masters of the OMI company is fluctuates within 7 – 15 days.

An interior decorated in this way is distinguished by originality and individuality, allowing the room to be visually brighter and more joyful. In children's rooms, the walls are most often painted with scenes from cartoons; artistic painting in bedrooms uses a calm plot; wall painting in the interior - flowers, landscape, etc. When painting walls and ceilings, paints are used that are well preserved and can be washed.

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We work throughout Ukraine and the countries of the former CIS. The artistic subjects in interior wall paintings proposed by our artists are distinguished by their originality. The professional eye of the master will immediately identify interesting places in the interior and determine a suitable artistic subject. Prices for painting walls  interiors compare favorably with other workshops in Ukraine.


Artistic wall painting.

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