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Advertising sculptures

Advertising sculptures, signs to order. The masters of the OMI studio will produce custom advertising sculptures and signs. Production of three-dimensional figures of advertising sculptures. When producing advertising sculptures, we use all our accumulated experience and skills; We use techniques and technologies that are rare for Ukraine.

Advertising sculpture

All of the above allows us to assert that the OMI studio produces unique advertising sculptures, in a sense, a work of advertising art. And unique things always attract the attention of others, which, in fact, is the main function of advertising - to pay attention and master the information that the advertising structure carries.

The production of advertising sculptures and three-dimensional 3D figures is a rather expensive type of advertising; only successful entrepreneurs and companies can afford it. The following parameters can be identified that influence the price of an advertising sculpture: the need for preparation and the complexity of the project; the material from which the sculpture is made, its size, detailing, use of hinges; number of copies.

Advertising sculpture

Delivery costs are negotiated separately. Our own workshops of the OMI studio are located in Kiev, we work with all transport companies delivering goods throughout Ukraine and the world. The order service will promptly accept orders from all over Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe. It is possible for specialists from the OMI studio to visit the customer’s premises.


Advertising sculpture. Production of advertising sculptures and three-dimensional 3D figures.

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