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Volumetric plastic figures

The OMI studio produces three-dimensional plastic figures for the decoration of shopping centers, shops, restaurants, which in most cases perform advertising functions or are exhibition samples. Three-dimensional advertising sculptures made of foam plastic sculptures made of plastic with volume are visible from all sides and, due to the 3D effect, attract attention more than a flat drawing. We can produce small three-dimensional figures (from a few millimeters) for the display of miniatures, advertising handouts, as well as huge figures (dinosaurs, King Kong, etc.).

Three-dimensional figures

Depending on the purpose and size, various materials are used in the production of three-dimensional advertising figures: foam, plastic, acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, fur, wax, plaster, plasticine, etc. Lately, luminous three-dimensional plastic figures have become in great demand. They are used as decorations in parks, squares, shop windows, cafes, and local areas. In addition to aesthetic and advertising purposes, luminous three-dimensional figures perform the function of lighting. The use of LED lamps in the manufacture of plastic figures makes such lighting economical. And soft light allows you to create a romantic atmosphere. When using volumetric plastic figures and illuminated plastic sculptures when decorating shop windows, the customer will receive a double benefit - attracting customers and illuminating the shop window in the evening.

Volume figures

Customers from all over Ukraine and the former CIS countries contact us. Among the clients who have placed an order with us are such famous companies as SportMaster, Sberbank of Russia, Kraft and others. Prices in the OMI studio are significantly lower than the prices of other workshops for similar services.


Production of three-dimensional figures, plastic sculptures, plastic figures to order.

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