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Masters of the OMI studio engaged in the construction and decoration of crypts with various sculptural elements.

Crypt – a room intended for burying the dead; has both underground and above-ground parts. The interior usually has a very ascetic design and includes only the essentials for placing coffins.  The perfect opposite – exterior decoration. In past centuries, the external design of the crypt spoke of the wealth and importance of a person. Many built crypts during their lifetime and made it for several people. Such crypts are usually called family crypts.


Today the tradition of building family crypts is returning. Masters of the studio "OMI"  engaged in the manufacture of granite crypts and marble crypts. Granite and marble are self-sufficient natural materials; their natural beauty can be used in the construction of a crypt. Also, our specialists can complement the external decoration with various elements – columns, pedestals, facade decor, sculptures, etc. Also, the masters of the OMI studio engaged in the manufacture of concrete crypts. In this case, the outer walls of the crypt need to place bas-reliefs, stucco moldings, sculptures, columns, and so on.

Construction of the crypt – This is not a cheap undertaking, but by making a one-time decision, you will free your relatives for many decades from the need to negotiate with cemetery workers about burying family members together. Family crypt – this is convenient both from the point of view of caring for the burial site and honoring the memory of the deceased on memorial days. The price of the crypt  is calculated at the stage of drawing up the design project.


Our specialists carry out turnkey projects, ranging from the development of a design project, construction and ending with sculptural decoration. We are also ready to pick up the “alien” one. project at any stage or carry out restoration of a family crypt.

The main office and main production are located in Kyiv, we have representative offices in other cities of Ukraine. It is possible for an “OMI” specialist to visit you. to the construction site of the crypt, as well as work directly on site. 

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Making sculptures
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Marble products
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Construction of crypts, production of monuments. Construction and development of crypts in Ukraine

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