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Plaster sculptures

Modern plaster sculptures, custom-made technology. Gypsum is the most affordable, environmentally friendly and easy-to-work material. According to some customers, in terms of its properties, gypsum is a short-lived and unstable material, but these shortcomings can be compensated for by its low cost, especially since with the help of decorative and protective coatings it is possible to significantly extend the life of gypsum sculptures – in some cases for more than 100 years. This material is also perfectly amenable to restoration. Sculptors, restorers of the OMI studio restored plaster sculptures that are more than 150 years old.

Most often, sculptors of the OMI studio They make custom gardening and architectural sculptures, plaster figures, façade stucco moldings and decor, fountains, as well as tombstones, and portraits for monuments. This material is especially in demand when sculptures need to be replicated, for example, as award plaster figurines. Gypsum lends itself perfectly to processing and painting; with the help of patination, you can achieve exceptional imitation of various materials – gold, bronze, silver, etc. In addition, in the OMI studio you can buy a ready-made plaster sculpture.

Gypsum sculptures

To order a plaster sculpture, you must contact the masters of the OMI studio. by one of the telephone numbers presented on the website. Modern means of communication and transportation make it possible to accept orders from any region of Ukraine, regardless of whether there is a branch of the OMI studio there. The production time and price of a plaster sculpture depends on the complexity and volume of the order, the calculation of which is carried out absolutely free.

Making sculptures

Making sculptures
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Marble products
Granite sculptures
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Making sculptures from plaster

Order a plaster sculpture.

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